"The United Scooter Association is dedicated to doing our part to positively promote and unify the sport of competitive freestyle scooter riding across the US & Canada. Through forming coast to coast alliances, supporting local parks and shops, and producing year-round events for the scooter community including scooter competitions, camps, ride days, online contests, and even petitioning local city parks to allow scooters at every park across the US, we will work diligently to help scoot take it's rightful place among the world's top action sports. All profits made through our memberships, events and online product sales goes right back to our efforts to drive the sport forward for all riders. So help us help you! By supporting USA you are helping us support the sport." - Sam Deeder - USA Executive Dir.

We encourage all interested scooter community & industry leaders to join our advisory board and help us grow the sport coast to coast. Contact us to start a USA Chapter in your area or for more information.

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