The following are the businesses & individuals that make our industry happen! We have developed the specific directories below to help you find what to ride, where to ride, how to get your ride dialed in, and who else can help you. Need an edit? Need wheels? Need to find a cool spot near you? This is a continually growing list of the brands, shops, parks and service providers who support the freestyle scooter industry and make it what it is!


The brands

What do you ride? To find a brand of scooters, parts, hardware or equipment that fits your style and needs, feel free to browse this directory to learn more about them and link to their websites to view what they have to offer. From completes, to butt pads... It's here.


Competition Services

Who can help me? These are the "go to" people who provide additional services that support the competition side of our industry... MCs, USA Certified Judges, Event Producers, Event Staff, and more... All our certified judges have gone through a training course in the most commonly used judging criteria, and understand the importance of remaining unbiased and fair to all.


the shops

Who can fix it? Scooter shops not only sell multiple brands, and are a great place to go to get your "hands on" parts to try them out, but they can help you to put your setup together and dial it in. Check this directory to find a shop near you.


Coaching & Mentoring Services

I want to learn to...? One of the best things a pro or advanced rider can do is give back! Here we have a list of USA certified coaches, their background, location and fees. All our coaches also offer free mentoring to at least one lucky young rider as part of being a certified USA coach to do their part to help grow the sport through encouraging young riders to progress.


the parks

Where can I ride? A growing list of parks that support the scooter industry. Want to know where to ride, or plan a park hop? Follow this link to see recommendations for indoor & outdoor, private & city-owned parks, with descriptions and locations.


Media Services

Need help with your first web edit? Holding a competition or ride day and need a photographer or videographer to record the event? Need help learning how to vlog or shoot action sports? These are the people that can help you! Check out this list of our recommended photographers, videographers, editors, and social media gurus! Learn & get help from the best!