Sports do not build character, they reveal it.
— John Wooden

The USA is proud to be developing the first tri-coastal, Freestyle Scooter League (“FSL”) for competitions based in North America, with a 100% commitment to fairness and positive promotion of the sport. And we hope all organizers of solo or series competitions here in the US & Canada will consider joining us to unite the sport under one umbrella. Here's how it works:

  • USA will produce 8 of our own competitions per year (minimum).

  • In addition to that we are hoping to sanction an unlimited amount of competitions across North America, so that ALL riders get a chance to qualify for a final championship event to be held annually in December at a centrally located and world class venue, here in the USA!

  • Bottom line - You produce it, follow our standards, we sanction it. Points count. (See our policies & rider divisions, assistance with sponsors, judges, scoring and all else is available).

  • USA will create and maintain both a RIDER DIRECTORY & RIDER STANDINGS for the league, adding points to a rider's profile for each sanctioned event attended with bonus points earned for Top 10, Podium and a first Place spot.

  • Riders can look up their standings online, which are updated within 5 days of a sanctioned event. No membership is required to participate, but FSL members do get a discount on registration and their own enhanced profile in the directory.

  • In November, after the last event of the qualifying season, USA will tally points and the top 20 riders in each division will be invited to participate in the championships, along with a wild card selection from each division. All divisions will be honored in the championships, which will be held every December.

  • USA comp season will run year round, and points will be reset in January each year. Point system is available on the FSL PAGE.

More detail is available in our USA FSL membership packet. If you are an organizer interested in having your competition be part of the league, or a sponsor interested in being part of the FSL please CONTACT US. Riders can register HERE for a free basic listing or purchase an annual membership (discounted registration and enhanced profile) HERE. Stay tuned to our EVENTS page to see when competitions are scheduled. All USA comp league sanctioned events will have our logo on the event flyer and be mentioned in event details. If you are unsure if the event is sanctioned as part of the comp league, please feel free to reach out to us for clarification. Not all comps are created equal! ~ Team USA

Upcoming EVENTS (for all events please click link.