General Competition Policies Last Amended: 11-14-2018

All Organizers, Venues, Team Managers, Riders & Parents involved or participating in any USA sanctioned event are expected to read, respect and adhere to our general policies as outlined herein. Furthermore, all understand and agree that breaching any policy can result in your rider or team being disqualified from the current competition without refund(s), and depending on severity of breach, possible suspension or ban from future USA events. So please read carefully!


Series Competitions: All USA produced "Series" competitions are comprised of multiple location/multi-state competitions, with a minimum of three or more QUALIFIER events and one CHAMPIONSHIP event open only to qualified riders. No series will have more than one event at any one venue, and we will endeavor to find host venues in at least 2-4 states or more. Riders wishing to compete in the FINAL/CHAMPIONSHIP competition must ride and place in the top 20 in any one of the qualifying competitions. Once qualified, a rider may still participate and compete in other qualifiers to improve his original score. The Championship is by invitation only to the top 20 riders OVERALL in each division. All rider’s, and top team scores at all events will be compiled into one leaderboard, published on our website, and updated after each round. In the event a qualified rider is unable to participate in the championships, that spot will open up to the next highest scoring rider and so forth until all 20 spots are full in each division. In addition, the Series Committee will select a “wild card” rider for each of the divisions based on either a “wild card event” where the 1st place winner goes to finals, or based on those riders we notice exhibiting outstanding sportsmanship, camaraderie, attendance at events, and passion for the sport, or for through no fault of their own (illness/injury/family concerns) could not attend a qualifying event. Or by holding a “mini-qualifier” on the day of the championships to allow unqualified or local riders a chance to ride in the final as well. (This will be announced ahead of time). Prizes and purses for the championship will be significantly higher than qualifying rounds.

Single Event Competitions:  In addition to producing our own series events, the United Scooter Association assists other event producers (venues or other organizers) to hold their own branded events. All policies contained in this document apply to any event “Sponsored” by USA. In some cases USA also “Supports” other scooter events that have their own policies, but we feel have the same commitment to fairness in competition, use comparable judging & scoring methods, rider divisions, and represent the industry in a positive way. In those cases please refer to those entity’s policies for guidance.

Individual Medals & Team Trophies: In addition to 1st - 5th place rider medals, and swag bags or purse prizes for individual riders, USA offers an “Overall Team Performance” trophy at both single and series events. Overall team trophies are presented to the RIDE TEAMS (1st-3rd) who accrue the highest overall point average at the competition (all team member’s scores will be tallied and averaged to determine the top ride team). This means every “best” score counts towards the total result! So teams, get your riders (of all levels) in shape and get them out there competing together!

Refunds: Due to costs involved in staffing, planning divisions/rider order and to avoid potentially denying a competitor due to capacity issues, it is our policy that no refunds in the form of cash/charge back will be issued to any rider. Simply put it is a “use it or lose it” policy. However, at the venue’s discretion, if any rider requests a refund for cause (injury, illness or documented issues with travel, i.e. flight cancellation) in the first or second rounds of the competition, they will be offered a credit to the next competition round at that venue if spots are available. Under no circumstances will any registration credit will be given for simply deciding to drop out.

Cancellation Due to Rain/Other: In the case of the competition itself being cancelled or moved to another location or date, including cancellation due to weather conditions such as snow/rain or excessive heat, all riders will be given the option of a full refund or registration credit for another event. In all cases every effort will be made to reschedule ASAP after original cancellation (next day if available). We ask all riders and families maintain a positive attitude should this occur as obviously we cannot control the weather! It is not the responsibility of USA to reimburse any lost monies for travel/lodging, it is a risk we all take.

Rider Division Selection: Parents and/or Team Managers should assist riders in reading through and understanding the divisions of the competition. If you are unclear as to which division you should sign up for, please contact USA for assistance BEFORE submitting registration, via email or online “contact us” form on our website.

Divisions Chart & Guidelines:  This is provided to help those unsure of which division to compete in, determine an appropriate division. View our standard Rider Divisions HERE and our Diversity Chart by Level HERE. Both will help give you a much better understanding of where to register. Dominance (more so than age or specific skills) in any one division is the ultimate defining factor for division selection, and is defined by us as “Consistent domination of, and/or exhibiting skills beyond expectation of any given division.” Progression to the next division will be strictly enforced, even on comp day. Please see Sandbagging & Matriculation policies addressed further down in this document.

Matriculation: In all AMATEUR rider divisions except Advanced and Open, three victories (defined as 3 FIRST place podium wins) in the same division, even if interspersed with losses or leave of absence, displays consistency, above average skill, and thus dominance of that division. Further registrations in the dominated division by any rider will not be permitted. Riders attempting to register in a division in which they have already proven “dominance” will be automatically bumped into the next division. Refunds will be issued upon request to any riders who dispute our decision to move them up. All FIRST place wins count, in any competition, regardless of organizer. NOTE: Win counts from other organizations will be considered by USA upon receipt of registration, to ensure rider is in the correct level. If it is determined you are in the wrong level, we will contact you to make sure you know of the level change and give you the opportunity to progress in the next level or receive a full refund of your entry fee. Also see SANDBAGGING rules further down this document.

USA will begin tracking rider’s statistics in our competitions with our first event in 2018, and will post to our leader board after each event. It is the responsibility of the rider to inform USA of any errors or necessary additions to scores or win counts. Win count will begin with a rider’s first podium (1st place) appearance in one of our competitions, and resets upon moving into the next division. The only exceptions to the “3 & Up” rule is at the ADVANCED division, who may stay in their bracket until they achieve up to 5 victories before being asked to move into Open. Riders in the Open division may stay in that division until they have achieved the criteria for moving into Pro division (see USA Pro Criteria section). We will strictly enforce the progression of riders into the next division once they have achieved dominance as previously defined. This is done to ensure all riders have a fair chance against riders in their same skill division, encourage riders to challenge themselves, and to help grow the sport in a healthy way. We ask all riders and families for their full support on this policy.

Series Matriculation: Regardless of how many wins a rider has in his current division during the series, the rider will finish the series in the same division they started. This holds for outside competitions overlapping the series as well as all in-series competition legs. Example: Rider has two career FIRST place wins in intermediate and signs up for the series at the intermediate division, Rider finishes the series at intermediate division even if rider wins all 3 qualifying competition legs and the championship. Riders may not change divisions mid-series, even if wishing to move up, unless directed to do so by the USA Judges. So think carefully about your division selection prior to a series opening event.

Sandbagging: Defined as, “Deliberately riding at a lower division in order to podium for prizes/purse or glory.” This is a zero tolerance policy at all divisions and something we take very seriously. Riders who are thought to be sand bagging (by general consensus of judges, MC & competition officials) will be offered the following options depending on the situation. Any arguing with officials on this decision, by the rider or their parent/team manager, will result in immediate removal from the event without refund:

(Deliberate Sand Bagging – Example: Rider enters Novice knowing they are a strong Advanced rider) Rider is offered to move up to the next division and receives ONE further run at the correct division, with the option to forfeit with no refund. Rider will also receive a full 5 point penalty from his/her best scoring run.

(Unintentional Sand Bagging – Example: Rider is a strong rider from another state or country and/or clearly and honestly did not understand rules/divisions correctly) Rider will be congratulated privately, and asked to move into next division. Rider will receive both runs at that new level without penalty.

Pro Division: To compete in Pro division you must be a qualified Pro rider. USA defines a Pro rider as one who has a minimum of TWO years riding in scooter competitions and has matriculated from beginner through open divisions, dominating podiums along the way. In addition, these riders must have at least one verifiable 1st place podium win in any ISA, ASA, USA or Pro Series OPEN division (or association equivalent) competition. Local or series events held at one venue do not count as a qualification for pro division. Lastly, riders moving into pro for the first time should have the support of their team as a Pro division rider (if they are a sponsored, they should be on Pro, not AM or Flow). Or, if not sponsored, they should have a recognized Pro or industry leader (shop, brand or park owner for example) prepared to vouch for their readiness. Please do not sign up for the pro division without the minimum qualifications outlined above. Please contact the USA if you are unsure of your eligibility to register for pro division.  If you do so without first contacting us to discuss your situation, you risk being bumped down to open division. We thank you for your cooperation helping us keep the integrity of pro division riding to the standard expected. (FYI, keeping the integrity of the pro division is why we developed the open division, so riders that dominate in advanced, and are becoming viewed as sand bagging, have a place to compete until they are truly ready to move into pro by all accounts mentioned above).

Divisions, Warmups & Poaching: Riders are split into two main “divisions” as follows: LOWER Division includes Beginner, Novice, Intermediate & Street divisions. UPPER Division includes Girls, Advanced, Open divisions & PRO. Each division has its own awards ceremony as well as a main “warmup” session of at least 20 -30 minutes prior to that division start time. Furthermore each Level has a short 5 minute warmup immediately prior to its start time. POACHING (riding the park during another division or level’s warmup) is cause for removal from the park with no refund. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Preferential Treatment by a Venue: Given the expense and financial burden to some families traveling long distances, it is imperative everyone has equal access to any "private" practice time at the venue (off hours). Therefore, in the interest of fairness, beginning three days prior to any USA event, if a privately owned or managed venue (under contract to USA for the event) opens its park before or after regular park hours to its own team riders, family or friends to get in private/extra practice time, they need to notify the USA via email BEFORE doing so, and make the facility available to all competitors on an equal basis. No one team or rider should get more [unobstructed / uncrowded] practice time over another. If limiting private practice time by division, only for Pros for example, notification should be given to all riders in that division of its availability. If the venue fails to comply with these terms, and goes ahead with giving extra practice time to their own ride team or other local riders, that team or those riders will be disqualified as this constitutes an unfair advantage to the local team and puts those riders/teams traveling in from out of town, or non-local riders at a disadvantage. Furthermore, that venue will not be asked to host another USA competition in the near future. An appeal may be made for reinstatement after one year.

Registration & Fees: Regular online registration will open approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the first leg of the series, and close 3 days prior to the competition. Late registration will begin 2 days prior to the event and be available through midnight before the comp. Riders registering late will pay an additional $10 across the board. Registration hard closes 9:30am on comp day. On-site registration will be allowed from 8:00-9:30 am, and will cost $20 above regular rates across the board. No exceptions. Tentative Schedule, Policies, Rider Division Descriptions, Judging Criteria, Waiver, Contact & Event Location Information, Nearby Hotels, and Competitor List will be available 2-4 weeks prior to each event on the event registration page and updated throughout the registration period. Our staff will always respond to your questions or request for assistance anytime via the email submission form on the registration page.

On-Site (Day of) Late Registrations: In order to run a smooth, fair and well-organized competition, and to avoid any mistakes, it is important we have our riders registered and placed into a randomized ride order prior to the start of the competition. Therefore, we will only allow “day of event” registrations for a brief window at each location as mentioned above. Please do not request us to make an exception for you or your rider(s). We don’t like saying no to riders, but everyone has the same window in which to sign up! Please be respectful of all involved and sign up within the time frame provided. Thank you!

Rider Order: Rider order will be randomized. Please do not request to be placed last, first, or in between! We want our competitions to be fair for all and without even small advantages such as selecting in which order you ride. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Please note: Late registrations will still be randomized with all other riders, not simply added to the bottom so waiting until the late registration period does not mean you will go last. You will just pay more than others.

Capacity: Once the competition has reached MAX capacity in any one division, the event committee & venue owner reserve the right to switch format to one of the following: (1) Reduce or eliminate divisional warmup time, (2) Reduce run times from a full minute to 45 second runs in that particular division(s) or (3) Convert to a “one run, top 10 final” format. This is to ensure we can accommodate all riders wishing to participate and still keep the competition running and finishing as on time as possible. Should this issue arise, all riders will be notified by email no less than 2 days prior to event so they may adjust their strategy as needed. Should the overall max capacity be reached prior to 48 hours before the competition start, we reserve the right to add a second day and split the competition over 2 days, or cap registration by placing additional registrants on a waiting list in case of injuries/no shows. Those unable to attend a second day due to travel conflicts, or denied a place from the waiting list, will be given their choice of a full refund or credit towards the next competition.

Sandbagging: Defined as, “Deliberately riding at a lower division in order to podium for prizes/purse or glory.” This is a zero tolerance policy at all divisions and something we take very seriously. Riders who are thought to be sand bagging (by general consensus of judges, MC & competition officials) will be offered the following options depending on the situation. Any arguing with officials on this decision, by the rider or their parent/team manager, will result in immediate removal from the event without refund:

(Deliberate Sand Bagging – Example: Rider enters Novice knowing they are a strong Advanced rider) Rider is offered to move up to the next division and receives ONE further run at the correct division, with the option to forfeit with no refund. Rider will also receive a full 5 point penalty from his/her best scoring run.

(Unintentional Sand Bagging – Example: Rider is a strong rider from another state or country and/or clearly and honestly did not understand rules/divisions correctly) Rider will be congratulated privately, and asked to move into next division. Rider will receive both runs at that new level without penalty.

Roll Call & Park Clearing: Prior to the start of each division the MC will call roll for the upcoming group. This is done to ensure all brackets/rider names are correct, rider order is clear and riders and judges are present and ready to go. During this time we ask all spectators, and riders not competing in the current division, to clear the park or find a spot against a wall and off any obstacles so each rider has a clear, unobstructed run, and judges have a clear, unobstructed view. If you are asked to move, please do so quickly and without complaint. The only people allowed on the comp floor are the MC, Judges, Rider and our designated photographer.

Photography/Videography: Must be done from the sidelines and not mid-park unless pre-approved by park staff. If you need access to the comp floor for a specific project, a team vlog for example, please contact the park prior to the event to obtain a media pass. These will be given out on a very limited basis to ensure no interference with our riders. Riders may ask another rider to film for them mid-park on the understanding they know to stay clear of the rider’s line.

Results (Transparent Scoring): Whenever possible, results for both competition runs will be posted on our STACT app or other electronic scoring system as they happen, and announced by the MC as riders complete their runs. Scores will be also posted on a monitor or white board (depending on venue). After each set of awards (lower/upper divisions) we will post every rider’s scores for both runs, somewhere central in the venue for all to see. We will also share this information on our social media and website as soon as possible so everyone can see where they placed. Riders/families will be given instructions at each event as to how to download/add the app to their smart device to follow real time scoring.

Format: All riders will be given 2 runs, with the best scored run being their final score for placement. Ties will be decided by the highest of the 2nd run scores (SO DO NOT GIVE UP even if you fall)! In the unlikely event of a dead tie after both run’s scores have been reviewed, the tie will be broken by Officials, MC & Judges majority decision. This is done for podium placement only. Ties at 4th onwards will be left at a tie.

Fairness & Judging: It is the goal of the USA to be as unbiased and as fair as possible to all riders regardless of brand, shop or park affiliation. To this end, we are committed to hiring qualified, knowledgeable and impartial judges who will be instructed by our team on our competition format, rules, fairness in scoring and how to remain unbiased when scoring teammates, friends, “known” or local riders. In addition, we will post the judging criteria and scoring system they will be using on the registration page for all to read ahead of the competition. Judges will be over the age of 16, pro riders or equivalently knowledgeable industry members, and as independent of the venue or organizer as possible (no park, brand or shop owners, or their staff, riders or family should judge at an event in their park or at one they are organizing). On occasion an Open/Pro division rider (14 and over) may be invited to help judge the lower divisions as part of our commitment to develop quality future judges, however, an Open rider will not ever judge Advanced, Open or Pro divisions. In addition, we will give our best efforts to ensure no judging panel will have more than one judge from any one major ride team. For park competitions, judges should be “park riders” and vice versa for “Street” events or divisions. Furthermore, the competition MC for the day will be coached as to how to remain equally supportive of all riders and not favor “known” or local riders. Finally, each venue will have an independent head scorekeeper, responsible for reviewing any “flagged” score discrepancies for accuracy before they are uploaded to the STACT app live scoring system. The scoring system has a 15 point margin parameter set to flag the head judge if any one judge is off by 15 points or more as compared to the average of the other two judges. The head judge will check that this is not a typo, and/or that there is a valid reason for such a wide margin. After any correction is made, the head judge will then submit the scores and move onto the next rider. The head judge will typically be the MC or a USA Administrator, and unaffiliated with the venue itself. Venue owners (privately run parks) will not have any part in collecting, tallying or overseeing scores. All positions will be independent and compensated for their time.

Liability: All riders must complete and submit a legally binding liability waiver before entering any competition venue. Those riders under 18 must provide the venue a completed liability waiver, signed by a legal guardian at the time of signup. These are provided online and on location by each venue. Riders over the age of 18 must do same, but may sign their own liability waiver. Venues are responsible for maintaining proper insurance and collecting and ensuring all riders have signed a waiver prior to letting any rider enter their park.

Safety: All riders are required to wear certified properly fitting and maintained safety equipment. Refer to each venue’s liability waiver for their specific requirements. Venues, by agreeing to hold the competition at their location, guarantee their park is properly maintained and safe to ride. Venue will provide all necessary insurance coverage for the event at their location.

Interference with Judges or MC: At no time during the competition is a rider, parent or team manager permitted to question or engage our judges or MC in conversation involving their scoring or decisions in moving a rider up a division UNLESS they are invited to give input. Any openly aggressive, argumentative, or otherwise disruptive behavior involving our Judges or MC is cause for immediate disqualification of the rider involved, and possibly a ban from future competitions. Any disputes or complaints can be addressed by a venue official if they are available on-site, or can be addressed after the event via phone or email.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: We take sportsmanship very seriously.  Any rider, parent, team manager or other spectator exhibiting poor sportsmanship, disruptive or disorderly behavior, or engaging in illegal activities at the event will be disqualified and/or asked to leave the grounds immediately. This includes, but is not limited to: Interfering with the judges, MCs or a rider during their run in any way, use of narcotics, alcohol, cigarettes or vapes inside the park, fighting, stealing, poaching, excessive use of offensive or discriminatory language, and disrespecting, gloating, bullying or openly mocking another rider.

Disputes: Any disputes must be handled in writing, and with video evidence. All properly submitted disputes will be reviewed and responded to, to the best of our ability. If any dispute is found to be a valid mistake (scoring glitch, mathematical or typo), we will correct points on the tracker to reflect the correct placement and score, and publish the correction on social media and our website. Disputes based solely on personal opinion with no backup evidence will not be addressed.

Improving the Sport: Should any rider and/or parent feel there was any bias or issues during our series, or have ideas for overall improvement, we will be sending out a post-event anonymous survey via email to all registrants. So please make sure your email is submitted correctly when registering online or in person. We strongly urge all riders/parents to give us feedback, as well as any constructive ideas for improving the overall experience, for the good of all riders and the sport as a whole. Together we can make this a united, well-organized and respected action sport. Let’s take Freestyle Scooters all the way to the Olympics!


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