USA Guide to Judging & Scoring

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New Format!

Working closely with our growing advisory board made up of pro riders, industry leaders, pro parents, and park owners, USA has developed a new approach to judging & scoring at our comps. With its roots firmly in the “best practices” currently in use around the globe, we made some minor tweaks to make things more clear for our riders and easier to use for our judges. To see tips to improve your run and what our judges are looking for you can hit the button below to expand a downloadable PDF:

Our approach to judging & scoring is designed first and foremost to be as impartial and transparent as possible, it works like this:

Our comps will have no less than 3 trained and compensated judges and an MC/Head Judge to rule over any ties / scoring discrepancies. Typically these will be former pro level competition riders or other equally knowledgeable industry members, though we may use currently competing “celebrity” pros at certain events where local riders rarely get to meet them (new locations for example).

Our judges and our MC/Head Judge will use an automated spreadsheet scoring system. Once the run is done, they score a possible 1-25 points in each of the 4 areas of focus: CONSISTENCY, DIVERSITY, DIFFICULTY & STYLE, giving an overall score maximum between 1-100 points. The judges score sheets are handed in after all riders have completed their first runs. (2) INDEPENDENT scorekeepers input all scores into the spreadsheet system, then double check backwards to verbally verify all are correct. The spreadsheet then automatically totals and averages all scores to find the rider’s total score, and current standing after that run. This is repeated for the 2nd run, with the highest score of the two runs being automatically determined to find the final rankings to determine the winners. Where it is possible we will send these scores live to a monitor.

The Head judge does not score any riders, but as he is also the MC, calling the tricks for each rider, we feel it makes sense for him to oversee the judges for consistency and accuracy, and arbitrate any major discrepancies in scores.

Lastly, prior to each comp our judges, MC & staff are fully trained in the use of the scoring system, our judging criteria, trick diversity chart, and policies. It has been mentioned in many other places on this website, but to reiterate one more time, IF A RIDER IS SEEN TO BE CONSISTENTLY THROWING TRICKS OF A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL THAN EXPECTED FOR THE CURRENT LEVEL, THEY WILL BE MOVED UP AND WILL HAVE TO START OVER IN THE NEW LEVEL (as each level is judged based on expected skills for that level). So please make every effort to be sure your rider is placed in the right level to avoid any issues on comp day. Riders or parents who cause conflicts will be asked to leave the grounds without refund. FAIRNESS in competition works both ways. If in doubt ride up. It is also worth noting that our rider level descriptions vary slightly from other local comps that allow many of the same tricks in several levels. So please review the diversity chart carefully and contact us with any questions. We thank you in advance for helping us keep our competitions fair for all levels of riders. - Team USA