USA’s Tentative Competition Schedule

WINTER SERIES 2018 - schedule.jpg

All Times WILL be adjusted Comp Eve.

Please understand this is TENTATIVE! After registration closes the night before the comp, we will adjust to reflect current numbers. So check our social pages to get latest times!



However, once final registration numbers are available on the night before the comp, we will adjust timing up or down to reflect the number of riders in each division. So please follow our instagram / facebook pages and check there for schedule updates after 7PM on Fridays before the comp to make sure you know the latest times.

NOTE: We attempt to run 8 levels split into 2 divisions (lower/upper) at all our events. Therefore, each level has less riders than typically seen at other comps, but the competitors are true peers (please check RIDER DIVISIONS and TRICK DIVERSITY charts to be sure your riders are in their correct level. Please also see our POLICIES to be sure you understand the rules about sandbagging and qualifications for riding in PRO. Our goal is to have 50 -100 riders total, which means 5-15 in each level. We do this intentionally so that:

  1. We give our riders the chance to compete against their true peers and transition upwards more easily

  2. We give our judges / staff more small breaks

  3. We give our riders more opportunity to podium

  4. We stay closer to running on time

  5. Everyone can get on the road home at a reasonable time

-Team USA