USA Guide to Rider Divisions

Below are the United Scooter Association's (“USAs”) recommended guidelines for determining the correct division for riders competing in any USA sanctioned event. Note: USA sanctioned events may not use use all these divisions, they may simply use any combination of divisions from the graphic below that make sense for the size of the venue and the rider population demographics. We recommend no less than 5 divisions, but encourage trying the non-traditional divisions (Groms, Girls, Street) to encourage growth in those areas.(Download a PDF version here).

More About USA Rider DIVISIONS

The USA developed the above divisions to "marry" the old school age delineators with the newer skill based delineators. We strongly believe, given the high level of riding at even the youngest ages nowadays, dividing riders by age is no longer a viable way to structure divisions, and leads to unintentional sandbagging and parent/rider/organizer frustrations. Simply moving a young, talented rider into the next age bracket up makes no sense as it defeats the purpose of bracketing by age in the first place. We feel these new flexible guidelines allow venues/organizers to use the divisions that make sense for their event, while still producing a fair competition with much less chance of riders being placed in the wrong division or filling up an "intermediate 13 & up" division with Open & Advanced riders who would be sandbagging through no fault of their own.

Finally, we are very much open to ways to improve on this guide. If you have suggestions, please contact us! We appreciate all constructive criticism or ideas to improve our sport. - USA