Welcome to United Scooter Association

As most of us who have been around the scooter scene a while know, its time to move forward and take this sport up a few notches. Its time to get it recognized as the legitimate, and exciting action sport it is... Right up there with skating, inline, surfing, BMX, etc. Time to make sure no kid stops riding a scooter because they were told its not cool. Its our time to show the world what freestyle scootering is all about.

So we are rallying the troops. Our first hurdle being to come together, and come to terms on unification. Not just for judging criteria, scoring, levels, matriculation of riders, but across cities, states, countries and yes, continents. If our sport wishes to be taken seriously, and seriously considered for greater things, we need to show unity.

We understand there are many organizations and great leaders (riders & brands) out there already doing things to drive the sport forward, but this is a rallying cry for all of us who think the same way to join forces. Its OUR time to come together and put agendas/egos aside, and our best thinking forward for the riders, and the good of the sport we are all passionate about.

So join in. We don't care if you run the biggest scooter organization or comp series known to mankind, are a park or brand owner who's been around for a decade or a minute, or even  if you are just a parent who's tired of paying tons of money to get your child outfitted and out to a comp only to have them lose badly due to local or team favoritism, or just plain lack of proper levels or poor judging. We are inviting everyone to participate in any way they can to help make freestyle scootering fair, positive & united.

Our short term goals are to set up a central hub for communication between riders, organizers, brands, parks, shops, parents and support service providers. From there, we hope to enlist a key group of visionaries from all segments of the industry to act as an advisory board to help our admin team drive this whole thing forward. One day we hope to see all riders who want to ride, get to ride, regardless of income, or location. And those riders who love to compete, get to compete, all the way to the Olympics.

If you are interested in actively helping, please contact us or at least share and support our mission.  We are working diligently to think up new ways to bring all this about and support our sport. Great ideas welcome!

Lots more to come. Come check back in with us soon!

-Team #uscoot

Samantha Deeder