Pros in the Spotlight: Jayden Mazzo

If you've been around the Scoot Scene for a minute or more, you will recognize the name of Pro Rider, Jayden Mazzo ("Mayzo"). He was the rider that took one of the worst falls off a Nitro Circus ramp we've ever seen. But this is not about that fall, its about his personal drive and commitment to regaining his health and returning to the sport he loves, stronger than ever before. Simply stated, he is a walking definition of heart. And this is his story...

Jayden Mazzo grew up in Los Angeles, but moved to Atascadero, CA when he was  8 years old. An already talented young biker & skateboarder, he turned his sights on scootering soon after making the ATown Park his local. The scene for younger riders in those days was developing more for scooter riding and Jayden's interest peaked watching friends like Jacob & Devin land bigger and crazier tricks. His personal interest in learning to "Ride all things with wheels" took over at age 10 and he found himself drawn into the scooter community.

Surrounded by great people like good friend, Chris Farris, and the owners of ATown Park & SCTusa Kevin & Andrea Campion, who encouraged and supported his passion, he soon progressed to his current pro level status. Now 18 years old, he rides for SCTusa, Grit & The Shop Pro Scooter Lab.  His career highlights include many wins at the local ATown competitions, 2nd at ISAs, and ultimately being invited to Nitro Circus World Games last May.

This is where his journey came to a crashing "pause" literally. After being offered a spot to participate in the elite Nitro Circus World Games (where only the best of the best get to ride) a slight speed wobble caused him to veer off the very top of a 27 foot high mega ramp and hit the massive air bag. Unfortunately he was so close to the edge of the air bag, his momentum carried him right off and he fell 27 feet! Jayden landed on his elbow and wrists, shattering them both and dislocating 5 bones. In addition he also dislocated 3 bones in his back. If you watch the video, you will see that even before he hit the asphalt, his friends were already running to his side. Grit team manager Jake Hershey being the first one to come to his aid.

Fearing the worst, Jayden was immediately whisked away to the nearest hospital, where the full extent of his injuries were laid out for him. The prognosis not good. He was told he may never gain full mobility in his wrists and to expect a long rehab period. They were correct to some extent. Its now 8 months later and he still only has 50% mobility in each wrist. But if you know Jayden, you know he's not one to back down from a challenge. He is actually recovering twice as fast as they expected and to watch him ride you'd never guess he has such limited mobility. We asked him how it was possible to be riding like that so much sooner than expected. In his typically humble way he smiled and said,"I just learned how to fall differently." And when we asked him if he ever considered quitting the word "NO" was his emphatic reply. He went on to say,"I believe everything happens for a reason, and even things like this give you a lesson to learn from. Like how to push yourself forward even in the depressing moments life gives you. Quitting didn't even cross my mind."

Jayden is one of those guys that is an inspiration to not just younger riders, but to all of us. Always with a smile and a kind word or a joke, he's a true pro and we are so glad to see him back and ready to take on the world again. Just like he promised on his instagram 8 months ago, "This won't stop me guys, I'll come back stronger." Jayden Mazzo is what this sport is about. Heart.

-S. Deeder, USA Scoot Scene Magazine



Samantha Deeder