From The Work Bench: It's the Little Things, BAR ENDS MATTER!

No, it's not a play on words, Bar Ends are more important than you think. Here's why:

Aluminum bars are made of softer metal and need to really be protected. The inside diameter is smaller on aluminum bars because the material is thicker, with the outside diameter being the same as steel bars.

Bar ends are hard to come by for aluminum because most bar ends are made for the wider inside diameter of steel bars, which dominate the market. Also, most bar ends are hand-me-downs from the bike industry anyway, and that size also is the standard size used on scooter's steel bars.

Plastic bar ends help lessen injury, and may do a little to protect bars against hard impact.  But truth be told, lots of bars bend when equipped with plastic bar ends.  Aluminum bar ends are even worse.

SCT USA came up with a hi-rebound bar end.  These bar ends are great in absorbing the initial hit the bar takes, and they re-bound from the hard impact and therefore lessen chances of bending your bars when you are forced to bail on a trick.

How to properly insert SCT Bar Ends:

1.  Place SCT bar end on a hard surface.

2.  Hold it down with a screwdriver or T Tool.

3.  Using a sharp razor knife, whittle the bar end down (checking for fit repeatedly) til it provides a tight fit in your bar.

4.  Using a soft mallet, pound the bar end into your bars.

5.  Go huck a 5 stair.  Have fun.

- Kevin Campion, SCTusa

Watch THIS VIDEO to see first hand how to how to install bar ends correctly.

Samantha Deeder