West Coast Winter Series | Event Recap


In late 2017, we launched the first "series" of competitions supported by USA, the West Coast Winter Series. As it was our first time putting together such a large event, we did this in partnership with ATown Park in Atascadero, CA & Ronka Underground in Bakersfield, CA, and under the guidance of our newly formed advisory board. The learning curve was steep, but our post-event surveys allowed us to see first hand what worked, what did not work so we could begin creating and refining new policies, judging criteria and scoring that was more fair, transparent and unbiased. It also allowed us to develop rider levels that made more sense while also encouraging riders to move up and compete at a level that challenged themselves.

The WCWS consisted of three qualifying events held over three months, beginning October of 2017, and culminated in the Championship event at the ATown Park this January. The whole series was exceptionally well received, with over 200 riders taking part, many of which attended at least 2-3 of the four total events. We also had over 30 riders who attended all four!

Though we had many exceptional moments, there were a handful that deserve a mention!

  • OPEN division rider, Hunter Frost's DOUBLE backflip! Though he landed it in practice, he missed it in the comp run. BUT it was still incredible to watch him try it and keep going! So inspirational Hunter! You had the whole crowd going WILD!
  • Our GIRLS division was a success, with a total of 8 fantastic athletes going head to head! Sadly Sophia Garcia & Mia Catalano both ended up on the injured list and a few others could not make it to the final, but we still count this as a huge step in the right direction to encouraging more of our female athletes to get involved in the sport! Well done to all, and our first ever champion, Ms. Claire Parks!
  • Can you say TRIFECTA? Hats off to ADVANCED division rider, Colin Mclean, who not only won every single qualifier, but also the Championship! AND in between WCWS events, he also took first in advanced at the Turkey AMJam out in Arizona! This makes it 5 advanced wins in a row! Safe to say Colin is unquestionably the top advanced rider on the West Coast, but with nothing left to prove in that division, it will be awesome to see what he can do this year as he steps into the Open category! Way to go Colin! We fully expect to still see you on that podium!
  • Finally, we couldn't end our highlights without mentioning this guy, the youngest rider in the OPEN division, Mr. Daniel Deeder. Though he never hit that top spot, at just 12 yrs old (and an average 5 years younger than most in his division), he held his own and podiumed 3 out of 4 times, including 3rd in the championships! If you were at any of the events you would have seen the intensity on his young face, the speed with which he mobbed around the parks, and the way the crowd reacted to his crazy "wall stall" & "push in flip drop" tricks and flawless runs that kept pro riders Juju Smith, Jared Faulk & series champ, Dejion Taylor on their toes! Big things ahead for this little guy! Great job Daniel!
The 2017 WCWS OPEN Division Champions! 1st - Dejion Taylor, 2nd Juju Smith, 3rd Daniel Deeder.

The 2017 WCWS OPEN Division Champions! 1st - Dejion Taylor, 2nd Juju Smith, 3rd Daniel Deeder.

All said and done, the West Coast Winter Series was a hit! We truly thank all who participated and took the time to complete the post-event surveys, it really helped to get your feedback! We have lots to work from and will put all your suggestions into play this year at our future events, so stay tuned into our event calendar!

To see all the photos from the series, go to our FACEBOOK page. Full results were posted at each event and on our INSTAGRAM account. - USA