USA Commitment to the Riders & Families

First, let's get one fact straight... our goal. We are developing this new Western US based scooter association 100% to benefit the riders & families of the scooter industry and raise awareness of the sport across the region, especially in places where it has not yet been embraced. And we honestly welcome all to join in.

As an association with several board members, we are collectively impartial and hold no allegiances, nor can be swayed by any one brand, park, shop or other scooter industry entity to do anything but the right thing for all concerned. We are not driven by personal monetary gain. We are not in this to promote personal agendas. We will not accept the latest model of "guidelines" as the final destination, but look to constantly improve on the respected foundations laid by others to the benefit of all. It is our goal to create an open forum where everyone has input to evolve the sport.

We are tired of seeing riders, at all levels, get discouraged or quit riding after becoming disheartened by unfair and biased competitions. We are tired of trying to scroll through instagram to find events, or turning up to an event that was cancelled or moved last minute with little notice. And we are DONE with allowing our riders to be bullied and even physically attacked for riding a scooter.

So our commitment to all who decide to join with us is this:

1. COMPETITIONS: We will work tirelessly to create exciting, fun, fair & impartial competitions for all levels of riders throughout the year, throughout the Western US and even beyond. Our "series" events will include multiple states and parks so more riders can participate. We will never again limit our "series" comps to just one or two locations. Lesson learned!

2. JUDGES: We will train our judges in the most generally accepted scoring methods as agreed upon by our advisory board, compensate them well for their time, but hold them accountable for their attentiveness and ability to score all riders without bias.

3. TRANSPARENCY: All scoring (individual judges scores by section and by run) will be freely visible to all riders and families. We do not believe keeping judges scores private does anything but open room for doubt in the character of our association and our choice in judges. Nor does showing just one final "averaged" score allow riders to see the areas in which they were weak or strong so they can work on improving. Furthermore, our scoring criteria will always be available on our website and registration pages so all riders will understand how to properly structure their runs (what our judges are looking for).

4. COMMUNICATION: We will broadcast all our supported, sponsored and hosted events in a timely manner across all possible media channels to keep everyone in the loop. This will include our website, email list, instagram, facebook and whatever else we can think of! You tell us where we should be! Hive? ;)

5. RECOURSE: We will offer a post-event survey to all attendees after every event to give all parents, riders & team managers a way to be heard. These surveys will include an anonymous way to file complaints and/or offer ideas for improving the overall competition experience. All surveys will be reviewed and discussed with our advisory board, and changes to policy will be made as appropriate.

6. COMMUNITY: We believe in building all segments of our community, and in giving back. This is why we are committing 10% of all membership revenue to our scholarship fund to help all riders participate in comps, camps & ride days regardless of income level. And we will publish a statement showing those contributions and distributions annually here on our website.

We hope these commitments and our "No more bias" approach will help build confidence in our association, its character and its mission. One day, we hope to be considered a driving force in the unification of this sport across state lines and even worldwide. Let's get these riders to the Olympics! - Team USA

Samantha Deeder