USA Park Reviews #1 | Clairemont Skatepark, San Diego

Clairemont Skatepark is literally "World Famous" but to try to find it for the first time on Google Maps you may get frustrated. Try searching up "Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Skatepark" instead. But it is definitely worth the search effort, with over 60K SQ Feet of LEGENDARY world class skatepark, it literally has something for everyone and not just scooters. "Clarey" welcomes and caters to all wheels. But don't take our word for it, we asked on of the top AM riders in the country, Dom Deeder, to review this iconic park for us from a rider's perspective. Here is his review:

"I give Clairemont a strong 4 out of 5 stars. The only thing holding me back from 5 is no resi or foam pit, and a slight ding on the new BMX section, but that's 'cause I'm a scooter rider and that section is clearly built for bikes. So BMX riders would totally disagree with me. To give you some idea, to me, the only park I've ridden that gets 5/5 (so far) was Woodward West. AKA the Disneyland of Skateparks. So a 4/5 is as good as it gets outside that. Clairemont is Gold."


According to Dom, Clairemont's appeal lies in it's design. "It's obvious to us riders that whoever planned this park, also rides. There is something here for every rider, and something for every level. First, the SKATERCROSS is as perfect as it gets. Huge jumps, great transitions and the boxes are spaced perfectly. Takeoffs & landings are amazing and I could ride just this section every day and never get tired of it. Then there is the Mini ramp. The spine is perfect, and the transition on the quarter pops you out just right every time. It also has a great street section and a massive half pipe that you can ride for days. Clairemont is literally one of my favorite parks."

For the parents: Clairemont is reasonably priced, offers memberships if you plan to go more often than a handful of times a year, and has a great viewing area with tables. Bring a picnic! We agree with Dom's review, it really is a great park. Just a couple tips... Call ahead to check their hours as they fluctuate based on holidays, sunset times and are sometimes closed for private events. And bring cash if you plan to leave your riders there for a few hours as the snack bar only take cash. But overall, great park, friendly staff, lots to offer. 4/5 stars!!! - USA

Samantha Deeder