Lessons from the Best | Tips for Competition Riding & More

In our inaugural video interview, we went straight to the top! We asked Chris Farris & Cody Flom to pass along some of their combined wisdom and help the next gen of comp riders understand the best ways to prepare for a competition. We also uncover a secret... Can Pros compete at the highest levels and still remain friends? And who is going to win Worlds this year? Watch the video to find out!

To Recap: Cody & Chris's Top Tips for Young Competitors:

  1. Stay Calm. Find whatever you can to take your mind of the comp the night before and on comp day.

  2. Stay in YOUR Lane. Don't stress on what other riders are doing in their runs. Stick to your style and what you planned. Try not watching the others if it helps you stay focused. You only have to beat yourself. Set your goal to just have a better run than you did last comp. The podium will come soon enough.

  3. Have Fun. Sounds silly, but remember you are out there to do what you love. Ride! Enjoy the opportunity to be there with your friends and family! Don't put so much pressure on yourself to win the cash or beat someone else that your forget to enjoy the day.

  4. Know your tricks. Practice those tricks until they are dialed before you get to the competition venue. THEN adapt them to the park and get your line once you are there. Don't base your tricks on the park. Base them on your ability to land them and fit them in according to the park layout.

  5. Stay healthy. Every little edge up counts. Eat right, drink a lot of water and get good rest the night before the comp.

  6. Don't STOP! Plan your run to include opportunities to grab a breath on the fly in between obstacles. Always maintain your speed and flow. Think of it like a one minute sprint. (Get your body into top condition and be sure you can run non-stop, as fast as you can for one full minute).

  7. Don't be Cocky. Its okay to be confident and joke around about winning, but don't be cocky. Nothing loses you friends, respect and ruins your rep faster than an arrogant attitude. And it won't help your run to be so sure "you're the best" either. Stay a little humble.

  8. It's never Perfect! No matter how hard you prep, how well you take care of yourself and plan out your run before a comp, there will always be something that you didn't account for. Don't freak out about whatever it is. Stay positive, adapt and overcome. Stay Calm.

That's it! We hope you watch the video a few times and really get some good take aways from it. With coaches like Chris & Cody helping you, we're pretty sure you'll be podium bound in no time! And one last tip, from USA to you: Always remember, your true character shows when you lose. If you lost because you made mistakes or weren't prepared, well, suck it up and own it. Take the lesson in it and do better next time out. And if you lost on bad or obviously biased judging, never let them see you sweat. Don't throw your scooter, don't yell or complain about it because you never know who is watching. And 9 times out of 10 the important people watching care more about how you handle the L than hearing how you "should have won." If you know you did your best, just be proud of a good run, congratulate the winners and wait for the next one, then go home and yell! It shouldn't happen, but sadly it still does, and it happens to everyone at all levels. How you handle it says a lot about you.

Until next time, stay positive, stay productive, stay chill. Peace. - USA

Samantha Deeder