Welcome back to the Winter Series! This year our comps have “ramped up” several notches across the board! Check out what is new:

  1. Starting Oct 6th, with our kick off event at the Pala Skate park in Southern California, we have added a total of FIVE comps to the series, held at FIVE different skate parks across THREE states (CA, AZ & NV)!

  2. We have added new rider divisions such as STREET & PRO, giving riders 8 options and thus allowing for riders of both styles and all skill levels to compete against a more balanced peer group. Levels are now: Beginner, Novice (formerly Junior), Intermediate, Girls, Street, Advanced, Open & Pro. PLEASE make sure you register for the correct level as riders consistently throwing tricks above their registered level WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE UP A LEVEL AND START OVER. No exceptions. To help decide your level we have both RIDER LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS and a TRICK DIVERSITY GUIDE available to help you determine the correct level.

  3. More ways to win! Riders entering our comps can register for their appropriate skill based level, Street division, or BOTH! Giving them a chance to work on both styles of riding and even hit that podium twice in one comp! Riders doing both styles even get a discounted registration! (See event registration options for details).

  4. Even MORE ways to win! Announcing TOP TEAM TROPHIES to be awarded at THE FINAL EVENT! Ride Team Managers take note! Send your team and take home top honors! Be sure to add your FULL team name to the registration form to have their points accumulate over the series for your team! (Only one team/major sponsor per rider).

  5. VEGAS STOP 5 is our championship event BUT it is also open to all riders! Our format will change slightly for this last stop in order to allow everyone a chance to compete in Fabulous LAS VEGAS! The morning will be reserved for the “Last Chance / Wild Card” portion of the event, where all local or unqualified riders will have one last chance to claim a spot in the championships! THEN, in the afternoon we will move forward with the TOP 20 already qualified riders PLUS the top rider from the Vegas Wild card event in each division going head to head for the title of Series Champion!

  6. At all our comps the podium has been extended to the top 5 riders, 1st - 5th place, with prizes and swag bags for all, but PRO riders taking home a jumbo check/purse prize that starts at $1K per comp, and increases based on sponsor contributions and sign ups to WHO KNOWS WHAT by the final! We will post the final purse prize after the 4th stop in January!

  7. Judges & Scoring: We have thoroughly researched the best methods in use not only in scooter comps, but also skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and surfing, to come up with the best and most commonly used format for judging extreme sports competitions. therefore, going forward all our comps will have a HEAD Judge to oversee three senior judges who will each be responsible for allotting 1-25 points in each are of focus (consistency, diversity, difficulty, and style) with a possible 100 point maximum. Using the 4 areas in conjunction with clear margins takes a lot of pressure off our judges, and allows for riders who score low in one area to still make it up in others. (Example: one fall affects consistency, but not difficulty score). More on this is explained in an upcoming blog devoted to this topic. Check back! the scoring itself will be done electronically via the STACT APP system. All scores, once briefly reviewed and approved by the head judge, are calculated instantly and shown on the app (all riders/families can download the app to follow along in real time). While we realize this takes the “surprise” factor out of who will be on the podium, we fee it is more important our riders and families see our commitment to transparency and fairness in scoring, and thus be confident the scores given are the actual scores earned. May the best rider win!

  8. All riders will have 2 runs, best score wins. Beginner runs are limited to 45 seconds, all other divisions are a full minute. Street division will have a dedicated ride area and be scored solely on “street” style of riding. Judges will be trained on the difference in scoring the two styles. Riders will be briefed on what judges are looking for in ll divisions in another blog. Check back this week!

  9. All riders will be promoted on our event web pages, and a leaderboard will be added and updated after each event so riders can quickly see the scores they have to beat to get into the TOP 20 as well as their current ranking! Teams too!

  10. ONE main event page and registration for the entire series. And all future series! Allowing riders to quickly and easily sign up for all stops on the series circuit at once, or come back as the series progresses to register as you go.

The tentative schedules for both the regular stops and our finale in VEGAS will be posted here shortly so please check back for updates! If anyone has any questions you can email us anytime: CONTACT USA

Thank you to all our sponsors and riders who have already started an amazing level of support! See you on the course!

-Team USA