United Scooter Association Announces Biggest US Based Freestyle Scooter Series Championships Taking Place in Henderson, NV.

From kid’s toy to the world’s HOTTEST NEW ACTION SPORT, Scooters enter the big leagues.

Henderson, NV - 1/28/2019. Today, the United Scooter Association (“USA”) announced the location for their 2nd Annual Winter Series Freestyle Scooter Championships. The event will take place at Anthem Hills Skate Park on February 9th. With over 150 of the top US scooter riders qualified to compete in the finals, crowds are expected to reach record heights.

“This is history in the making for the US scooter industry,” says Samantha Deeder, Director at the USA. “A US based series made up of six competitions across multiple states has simply never happened before. It is the beginning of a new era for the US scooter community, and is the direct result of what happens when like-minded, passionate people work together for the good of the whole sport. We are truly grateful to the City of Henderson for allowing us to bring the championships to such a perfect location.”

Deeder goes on to credit the many industry originators, leaders and business owners who started the sport back in the early 2000’s, some of which have now joined the USA as part of its advisory board.

“We are especially excited to announce that for the first time the USA and the ISAs [International Scooter Association based in the UK] are working together, and the ISA’s have offered the winner of our USA Winter Series a guaranteed spot in the 2019 WORLD FINALS to be held this summer in Barcelona, Spain. It is a huge step forward in uniting our sport and putting our US riders on the map.”

So who knew scootering was an international sport? Not many outside the industry itself. But Deeder and many other notable industry leaders are working non-stop to bring this crazy action sport into the limelight. The Winter Series Finals is just one of many new events happening across the US in this rapidly growing community.

“Our series finals will showcase to the world just how far this sport has come, and what amazing tricks can be done on equipment most still think of as a child’s toy,” says USA’s advisory board chair, Kevin Campion, owner of ATown skate park and the SCTusa brand. “Check it out on our livestream, you’ll be blown away.”

The Championships kick off Saturday, 2/9 at 9:00am with the littlest competitors opening the show. The event offers a USA title in all divisions, beginners through pros. With Thousands in cash purse & prizes contributed by some of the biggest names in the industry: Nitro Circus, Ryan Williams, Eagle Supply, Addict Scootering, S1 Helmets, Havoc Pro Scooters, Ethic DTC, River Wheel Co., Proto, Madd Gear Action Sports, Fuzion Pro Scooters, SCTusa, Hang 5, Port Technology, Addiction Industries and more.

Competitors enter the skate park one at a time, and have just one minute to show off their skill in front of notable industry MC, Jake “Nekbeard” Hershey, and judges Dan Barrett (Nitro Circus), Kiara Meade (First female pro rider), Derek Seay (Envy, the Vault pro rider), Jared Foulk (pro rider, youtuber), and Anthony Richley (coach and camp Leader, Woodward West). Judges scores are then tallied and the best rider takes that top spot on the podium and title, “USA Champion.”

The highlight of the event comes last, when the pro riders compete. These athletes throw tricks like double back flips and flairs, at times 15-20 feet in the air, exhibiting great control, power, style and finesse! Notable international pro riders who will be competing include: Cody Flom, Chris Farris, Nolan Shoemaker, Tyler Chaffin, Cam Ward, Jordan Robles, Robby Meier, Bobby Rivas and up and coming US pros Myles Johnson, Daniel Deeder, Dom Deeder, Nate Pena, Hunter Frost and more. Fans of these riders will get to watch them in action and perhaps even grab an autograph! All in all, the Championships will be an awesome spectacle and a great family fun day out! Come see what it’s all about!


Samantha Deeder, Dir. United Scooter Association

Video Edit Available upon request. Livestream feed goes live on: at 9:00am, 2/9/19.