#goscooter campaign - by Vermin Scooter Shop

The scooter community in 2018 ran into an unexpected speedbump - kids where not riding as much, and some kids quit altogether. It was a real surprise as 2017 had been an amazing year and scootering was exploding in North America, Europe and Australia. Many folks thought it was due to video games like Fortnight keeping kids in front of screens rather than outside riding. Whatever the reason the skateparks and shops were not as full as previous years.

Our shop, Vermin Scooter Shop, decided we wanted to do something to promote the sport, get kids excited about rediscovering their scooter and really let them know it was a great thing to get rolling again. We designed the GoScooter symbol - a stickman or signman doing a backflip on his scooter inside the green Go circle. We encouraged kids to get hold of stickers (free with purchase of items from us, or purchase a pack of stickers) and put them anywhere they where riding. We asked them to post pics and video on Instagram and Tag #goscooter in order to compete for parts.

The results are really positive, we had dozens of kids post to Instagram with the #GoScooter sticker. We have given out prizes and recently did a Giveaway to kickstart the GoScooter Campaign for the Spring. We encourage sponsored riders to join the Campaign by requesting stickers and promoting them in social media. Cam Ward, the Undialed guys and Rocco Piazza all helped in 2018 and we are hoping for more in 2019.

The GoScooter Campaign can and should be embraced by all brands and shops - they just need to contact us and we will help set them up. It is an inexpensive, nonpartisan way to promote kids to start or come back to this fantastic sport. If everyone helps we can get kids to get out and GOScooter!

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Samantha Deeder