To quote Nate Pena, Pro rider for Madd Gear Action Sports, “That was the most fun competition of the year!” [Referring to our August event at the ATown Park]. A sentiment clearly shared by the 300+ riders who came out to our Summer Sessions to support the sport of freestyle scootering! Here’s a few shots of the fun:

Now in our 3rd year, USA is rapidly expanding the opportunity to compete in professionally produced scooter competitions & ride days across the US & Canada, and keeping the fun going for a growing number of riders year-round via the first ever club for scooter riders & families, our USA SCOOT CLUB. [click that link to find out more on that and how to join / save money on reg fees & get free stuff]! ALL Scoot Club Points & our Leaderboard is now up to date! Are YOU on it? Check the CLUB RANKINGS! And remember, those points not only qualify you for the championships, BUT if you are a SIlver or Gold Club member, you get to trade them in for merchandise during MARCH MERCH MONTH 2020!

This Season, we started with an ambitious TWELVE events planned for the entire season III (Summer & Winter Sessions), roughly one a month. But our Summer Sessions ended up with a total of EIGHT events already completed as we made some great partnerships with local shops & parks and added events along the way to help support them and their riders! And with the support of our amazing sponsors, our MCs Jake “Nekbeard” Hershey & Chris Farris, and our knowledgeable pro judges, our summer season was a huge success!

STATS on SUMMER (& we are only 1/2 through the season):

  1. 302 riders participated to date (many in multiple events), to break it down by division:

    1. Beginners / 63 riders

    2. Novice / 42 riders

    3. Intermediate / 96 riders

    4. Advanced / 23 riders

    5. Expert (open) / 13 riders

    6. Professional / 25 riders

    7. Girls / 9 riders

    8. Street / 31 riders

  2. 8 events were held at 6 different venues in 4 different states & Canada

  3. Average event attendance was 75 riders PLUS their friends & families (great exposure for our sponsors)

  4. 2 events had news crews out reporting on our sport for their channels

  5. 26 riders have already qualified for our USA Championships this coming February!

Based on the numbers from the Summer sessions, we can easily see the significant growth in our Street division and much headway in our girls division as compared to last year. Our higher divisions have seen an interesting trend as well, with many young up & comers moving into pro ranks, leaving the advanced & expert (formerly open) divisions lighter than last year. However, given the massive size of our intermediate ranks, this bodes well for progression as the upwards path is becoming open for the top intermediate riders to start moving up the chain and testing themselves against the current dominant riders in those divisions. Also a good sign is the healthy number of beginning & novice riders, which can be interpreted as a sign of good health of the sport across the states & Canada with new riders coming into the ranks.

Heading into our Winter Sessions, we are excited to launch our recently developed LIVE SCORING & LIVE STREAMING capabilities, taking the “score input” (and potential for human error) out of the hands of our volunteers and finally going paperless! Our first run of this at ATown was a huge hit with parents & riders, not to mention our judges who’s job was simplified and left them more time to watch the runs and score much more effectively.

All the fun begins 9/14 at our first Winter Stop up in Eugene, Oregon with our Soul Flow Pro Scooters event at WJ Park. Registration is still open, its an amazing park with amazing people… Hope to see you all there!

Our full Winter Sessions Calendar and registration is available under our EVENTS tab. And if you would like to support the series, please check out our MEMBERSHIP tab for rider, families and business sponsorship options. We need all the support we can get to keep supporting the sport! ;)

See you at the next one! - USA

Samantha Deeder