TRAINED, KNOWLEDGEABLE JUDGES. INSTANT, TRANSPARENT SCORING. CLEARLY DEFINED RIDER LEVELS. STANDARDIZED COMPETITION FORMAT. OVERSIGHT AND ENFORCEMENT OF ALL POLICIES. - This is not only our commitment to our riders and families, but the main reason we started producing Freestyle Competitions in the first place. But, the overarching motivator, and the one thing connecting all these dots is fairness in competition. We want everyone to know that USA is 100% committed to producing competitions that give every rider, in every division, a level playing field and a fair chance to be on that podium. It is our mantra and our passion. And one we will defend at every event we produce.

To that end, we have gone to great lengths to enlist everyone we could think of to help us develop our current (but evolving) COMPETITION POLICIES, RIDER LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS, DIVERSITY CHART and JUDGING/SCORING CRITERIA (in the process of being finalized). You can read more on each of those by clicking on any of those links.

But the purpose of this article is twofold, because as much as we want to assure you our comps will be of the highest integrity, we cannot do that without getting the same commitment back from those entering our comps.

We can spend months and years debating and developing these guidelines and policies, but it will all be for nothing if the riders, families and team managers don’t take the time to read, understand and honor them. FAIRNESS IN COMPETITION WORKS BOTH WAYS. And it starts with all of us being on the same page and making sure our riders are not only riding in the right divisions, but that they are personally committed to progressing through the ranks and not looking for easy wins. Character does count.

Therefore, we wanted these few points/tips to be very clearly communicated to all riders, please take a moment to read them:

  1. It is your responsibility to review the provided tools (guides) to determine the best level to ride in. If you consistently throw more “higher level tricks” in your run than expected for that level, you will be asked privately by our judges to move up a level and start over (levels are judged on expected skill for that level so your score would not translate up).

  2. If you are unsure of what level to ride in after reviewing the guides, you can contact us anytime to discuss. We can also move you up or down a level even after you have registered BUT we need to hear from you before comp day.

  3. Waiting until you have won 1st place in a division before you move up is not a rule. If you have mastered all or most tricks (as listed in our diversity guide) in your current division, and are hitting the podium often or throwing tricks listed in a division or two higher, its time for more of a challenge. Move up.

  4. If you have won 1st place more than 3 times in your current level at any comp, anywhere, move up. Don’t be the cause of less experienced/skilled riders quitting because they can never beat you. Unless you are a Pro rider. ;)

  5. Remember what it feels like to be cheated out of a podium spot because there were sandbaggers throwing huge tricks well above division expectations for an easy W. Don’t be that rider.

  6. Understand and accept that when you move up, you most likely won’t hit the podium for a while. BUT YOU WILL GET BETTER and progress more quickly than if you stay down. Plus you will keep your reputation as a rider with integrity and heart, which is worth more than a hundred gold medals.

  7. Compete against yourself, not others. You will be much happier and less stressed going into a comp if your ONE goal is to beat your own high score vs. getting that top spot. And as a result of less pressure, you will be less likely to fall and more likely to really have a good time! Watch CHRIS FARRIS & CODY FLOM explain just that in a recent video.

If you read all this, we thank and applaud you for wanting to do the right thing. And for helping us ensure or competitions are fair on both sides of the score sheet. It really does work both ways.

-Team USA

FOOTNOTE: We hope that one day riders, families & other comp organizers across the globe will see our competitions as more than just “another” competition, and truly understand what we are trying to do: Bring about a reboot, a fresh start for the industry. Its our hope to set an example in fairness and consistency that can bring us all together, get all of us rowing in the same direction, so the sport we all love can not only grow but UNITE! And maybe then we can take our agreed upon scoring and rule book and persuade X-Games and the Olympics that Freestyle Scootering has earned its place among the world’s top action sports.

Join us!