"Growing the sport through education, communication & innovation… While never forgetting what it should be about - enjoying the ride."

Event registration fees:

$45 tier 1 / $55 tier 2 / $65 expert & pro - gold mEMBERS $10 OFF, sILVER MEMBERS $5 OFF

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  1. points based, year round, freestyle scooter league

  2. club events run april - january, culminating in a championship invitational event in february - “Scooterbowl”

  3. Open to all riders in north america (you do not have to be a member to participate)

  4. 4 standard levels at all comps, plus 4 optional levels based on organizer’s choice

  5. Riders accrue points based on attending / placing in events

  6. Any rider earning the minimum point requirement may compete in scooterbowl

  7. Points can be earned at scoot club sanctioned competitions, ride days, jams, camps, club mixers, bbq’s, other special events & at USA Winter Series

  8. some of our events will be “virtual” to allow even more riders to participate

  9. all competitions will be run professionally, and in line with common industry judging & scoring standards / format

  10. As always, our policies on matriculation & fairness will be strictly enforced - don’t want to play fair? don’t play.

How to become part of USA’s scoot club

If you are a competition organizer or venue (park owner), and you would like more information on how to have your annually recurring competition or series become a part of the USA Scoot Club, please click the button below to request a membership packet.


You're in good company! With a rapidly growing interest in uniting the sport, we are pleased to announce these innovative industry leaders as founding members of USA Scoot Club: SCTusa, Havoc Pro Scooters, Premises Park, ATown Park, Root Industries, AO Scooters, Port Technology…