Welcome to the United Scooter Association’s Guidelines & Policies Page. We are continually in discussions with professional riders and other industry leaders around the globe to drive the standardization of competition riding forward. Therefore, we fully expect all our policies an guides to evolve for the better as the industry develops. Only through being open to new ideas, can we find the best ideas for all. So please check back regularly to ensure you are kept up to date on the latest! - USA


The United Scooter Association will be using the following RIDER DIVISION OPTIONS for our 2019/2020 Competition season. We also provide the following “At-A-Glance” DIVERSITY CHART showing a list of tricks by skill level and type, aimed at helping riders better understand which division they should be riding in, and how to better plan their runs to optimize their diversity score. It is a work in progress, and as such we welcome any suggestions for improvement. Please CONTACT US with additions or suggested changes.

general COMPETITION Policies

The United Scooter Association's general competition policies follow the lead of the International Scooter Association and policies/standards that are generally accepted by the industry at this time. However, we fully expect our policies to evolve as the industry grows and changes. We therefore ask all our members to check back regularly to ensure they remain up to date on latest policies, and welcome any suggestions for additions/improvements. Please click here to review our current policies: USA COMPETITION POLICIES

Judging & Scoring Criteria

The USA offers the following guide, based on scoring methods currently in use worldwide by ISA & ASA and other major organizers, explaining how our judges are expected to score competitions, what our judges are looking for in a run, and tips to the riders on how to perform well according to these criteria. Please click here to review our current JUDGING & SCORING criteria.